To engage in medical research and development and  related activities all exclusively charitable, scientific or educational in nature."


Thursday and Friday April 25, 26, 2024
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    Agenda for the Gore-Farha Conference
   Gore-Farha Brochure


     Presentations from the February 29th
    Kansas Healthcare Ethics Conference are now
Presentations for  Dr. Mary Koehn,          Dr. Tim NguyenCarolyn Harrison and                             Sarah DiGregorio.


    Advance Directives documents and a            Frequently Asked Question list available here.                                       

  If you have questions about advance directives, how to use the documents or to make an appointment to have your finished documents notarized, email or call our     office for help. 316-686-7172 
tcarter@wmref-ks.org                                        pjohnson@wmref-ks.org




WMREF Vision Statement:

"Wichita Medical Research & Education Foundation strives to improve the health and quality of life for all Kansans."

WMREF Mission Statement:

"The mission of the Wichita Medical Research & Education Foundation is to promote research, education and community efforts designed to improve the health of Kansans."

Our goals in support of our Vision:

~  Support emerging healthcare challenges.
~  Encourage scholarly activity.
~  Develop partnerships within the healthcare community.
~  Facilitate educational outreach opportunities in the broader healthcare                 community.
~ Support public goals in support of community health efforts.
~  Provide fund management for local research and education projects.  

New techniques for patient diagnosis and care have been discovered, tested and refined through research projects sponsored and funded by Wichita Medical Research and Education Foundation (WMREF). Established in 1949 as a not-for-profit corporation, Wichita Medical Research and Education Foundation (WMREF) actively encourages through funding opportunities, those projects that may advance knowledge in the diagnosis, treatment and cure of illness. 

The Foundation promotes research for the development of new medical skills and knowledge which serve patients from Wichita and throughout Kansas. Research papers are published in nationally recognized journals and medical publications. WMREF sponsored research projects often receive national funding for more extensive programs and research.

In order to give new research a timely start, board policy directs that the majority of available research funds go toward providing "seed money" for promising new projects.

                   To inquire about research funding opportunities contact the office at                              316-686-7172 or pjohnson@wmref-ks.org.

Medical Research and Education are not solitary endeavors. Your gift will provide many opportunities for us and others to gain knowledge to improve the chances for all of us to live longer, happier, healthier lives. Donate Here. Or contact Peggy L Johnson, Executive Director/COO at pjohnson@wmref-ks.org