Procedure Guide Research Proposal Application Quality Improvement Form

Electronic Submission

All Scientific Review Committee submissions should be done in electronic form.  All documents must be submitted in Word document form not PDF.  Submissions should be provided to the WMREF office by the 3rd Thursday of each month. All submissions should be sent to for

 Quality Improvement Documents

Investigators are encouraged to use the set of Instructions and the Clinical QI Worksheet below to help determine whether the proposed activity could be considered a) Quality Improvement (QI) project, b) QI project with research component(s), or c) research. This document provides guidance for determining when QI projects involving patients, staff, providers, etc. at Wesley Medical Center are subject to IRB review. The line between research and QI is not clear in federal standards and making the determination is among an IRB’s most difficult tasks.

Investigators/Clinicians may submit the “Clinical QI Worksheet” to the Wichita Medical Research and Education Foundation (WMREF) Institutional Review Board (IRB) along with accompanying documents for review. Please know that should the IRB determine that a QI project contains an aspect of research then a full research application is required.

QI projects will require completion of the two forms listed below.  Please remember to review the QI instructions before completing the forms

The WMREF IRB cannot review a QI or research project that has already been initiated. Retrospective approval can never be granted by an IRB.


WMREF IRB P&Ps 2016.05.18.pdf
Size: 770 KB
WMREF IRB policies and procedures.
Financial Conflict of Interest for Study Team Members.docx
Size: 145 KB
Each study must include a conflict of interest form for submission.
WMREF Research Proposal Application Form.doc
Size: 195 KB
Local investigators should use this application in preparing their research study for review by the WMREF Scientific Review Committee.
QI instructional information v5.docx
Size: 39 KB
Information relating to a quality improvement project.
Clinical QI Worksheet v5.docx
Size: 45 KB
Use this worksheet to assist in determining if a project is Quality Improvement or Research.
QI Proposal Signature Form v2.docx
Size: 22 KB
Required signature form for QI projects at Wesley Medical Center.
QI Project Form v3.docx
Size: 24 KB
Instructions and outline for a Clinician/Staff/Resident in a quality improvement project.
Check Request WMREF- Research.doc
Size: 28 KB
Use this form for requesting payments for research study expenses.
WMREF ProcedureGuide.doc
Size: 107 KB
The WMREF Procedure Guide was developed by local researchers as a resource for local investigators as they begin to develop a project which will require WMREF Scientific Review Committee and/or WMREF IRB Approval.