General Questions

File iconGore Farha Agenda 2021.pdf
Size: 898 KB
Agenda for both days of the Gore Farha Nursing Symposium
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File iconMinns Ethics.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Dr. Garold Minns shares information about the course of the COVID pandemic in Sedgwick County.
File iconAdvance Directives and TPOPP......Harrison.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Advance Directives and TPOPP.
File iconone year later.pdf
Size: 166 KB
Dr. Steve Short provides commentary on his time in New York City in the early days of the pandemic.
File iconShort.pdf
Size: 1011 KB
Dr. Short shares experience in NYC
File iconResearch Ethics and Vaccines TSS.pdf
Size: 5 MB
Slides for Research Ethics
File iconDuty to Care and Moral Injury (2) Gilbert.pdf
Size: 845 KB
Slides from Dr. Gilbert
File iconPractical Mindfulness for Ethics Conference Cooke.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Presentation slides for Dr. Cooke
File iconKansas Healthcare Ethics Conference. Crawford.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Broderick Crawford
File icon2021 Final Agenda for posting Final.pdf
Size: 366 KB
Updated Agenda for Ethics Conference
File iconUpdated List 2019.docx
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List of prior Quality of Life award winners.
File iconContinuing Education - fillable.docx
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Use this application to apply for a continuing medical education scholarship.
File iconNew Lecture.Sympo.conf fillable.doc
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Use this form for applying for funding for conferences and symposiums.
File iconWMREF Budget Change Request.doc
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Use this form to request a change in a project budget.
File iconHistory of Award.pdf
Size: 263 KB
A description of the Jiggs Nelson Quality of Life Award.
File iconqol form - text formated.docx
Size: 98 KB
Use this form to submit a Quality of Life Nomination.
File iconEthics conference 2017 handout. MANH.pdf
Size: 400 KB
Deanna Speer, MSN, RN, CHPN Ethics Conference Speaker