Advance Directive Forms
File iconorderform.pdf
Size: 100 KB
Order form for bulk orders
File iconDNR in red.pdf
Size: 41 KB
This DNR is printed in red.
File iconDurable power of attorney.pdf
Size: 91 KB
This form is sometimes called the Healthcare Power of Attorney.
File iconliving will.pdf
Size: 89 KB
This is a form to be used as a Living will.
File iconMake the Decision Yours.pdf
Size: 159 KB
This brochure provides a copy of a Durable Power of Attorney and a Living Will plus definitions and discussion about using these documents.
File iconunderstanding dnr (VN).pdf
Size: 394 KB
Durable Power of Attorney - Vietnamese
File iconMake the Decision Yours (VN).pdf
Size: 287 KB
Make the Decision Yours - Vietnamese
File iconliving will (VN).pdf
Size: 142 KB
Living Will - Vietnamese
File iconDNR in red (VN).pdf
Size: 116 KB
DNR in Red - Vietnamese
File iconDurable power of attorney (VN).pdf
Size: 149 KB
DPOA - Vietnamese
File iconDNR SPANISH_Layout 1.pdf
Size: 192 KB
DNR form in Spanish
File iconunderstanding dnr spanish.docx
Size: 280 KB
Instructions on use of DNR in Spanish
File iconLife sustaining treatments flier Spanish.docx
Size: 159 KB
Brochure to understand life sustaining treatments in Spanish.
File iconDurable Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions in Spanish.pdf
Size: 25 KB
Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions in Spanish
File icon(Living Will) Spanish.pdf
Size: 23 KB
Spanish version of the Kansas Living Will Declaration
File iconADVANCE DIRECTIVES FAQ final.docx
Size: 25 KB
This document provides questions and answers about Kansas Advance Directives.
File iconks advance directives 1.pdf
Size: 176 KB
This brochure is a summary of Advance Health Directives recognized in Kansas.
File iconMedically Assisted Nutrition 180 flier.pdf
Size: 158 KB
This brochure describes medically assisted nutrition and its affects.
File iconunderstanding dnr.pdf
Size: 171 KB
This brochure will assist in understanding what DNR means, what is a DNR order and who can sign a DNR.
File iconchoosing an agent 1.pdf
Size: 118 KB
This document provides discussion on how one should choose a agent to represent them in healthcare matters.
File iconLife sustaining treatments flier.pdf
Size: 144 KB
This documents provides explanations about life sustaining treatments.
File iconNutrition and Hydration.pdf
Size: 161 KB
Descriptions of types of nutrition and hydration.