IRB Forms

All IRB submissions should be provided in electronic WORD form and one hard copy.  Both submissions should be provided to the WMREF office by the 1st of each month.  Electronic submissions should be sent to and 

Study Personnel Changes

Before submitting any study personnel changes please make sure all necessary personnel information is included before submission to the WMREF office. The WMREF office will not process the request without all necessary documents. Documents should include 1) An up to date CV for each added person; 2) Certificates of Human Subject Protection training for each added person; 3) and if required by KUSM-W, a signed conflict of interest form.

For all locally developed studies please see WMREF Scientific Review Committee section first.

For Quality Improvement Documents see
Procedure Guide Research Proposal Application Quality Improvement Form

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File iconInterim.Final Report. BUDGET.docx
Size: 61 KB
Annual Review Report/Final Report-BUDGET
File iconInterim.Final Report.NO BUDGET.docx
Size: 58 KB
Annual Review Report/Final Report with NO BUDGET
File iconWMREF IRB Protocol Addendum Form.doc
Size: 29 KB
WMREF IRB Protocol Addendum Form for Locally Developed Studies
File iconWMREF IRB Change In PI Addendum Form.doc
Size: 28 KB
Change in PI Addendum Form
File iconNational Studies.doc
Size: 50 KB
Use this form for instructions on submitting a national multi-site sponsored clinical trial to the WMREF IRB for approval.
File iconWMREF Investigator's Summary Form.doc
Size: 39 KB
WMREF IRB Investigator's Summary Form
File iconWMREF Research Proposal Application Form.doc
Size: 198 KB
All research submitted to WMREF for funding or for review before the Scientific Review Committee or IRB must submit a WMREF Research Proposal Application.
File iconConsent Checklist.doc
Size: 78 KB
Use this checklist to help develop the consent form for any study, except for a pediatric study.
File iconWMREF IRB Waiver of Consent Form Request.doc
Size: 29 KB
If an investigator intends to request a waiver of consent for his/her research they must submit a WMREF IRB Waiver of Consent Form Request.
File iconWMREF Request for Waiver of Documentation of Informed Consent1.docx
Size: 18 KB
Use this form when requesting a Waiver of Documentation of Consent.
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